Nexus Search Project – (Sci-Hub Alternative)

How to use the Nexus Search Bot Project for Downloading the Scientific Articles and Research Papers.

Many users who rely on Sci-Hub (which hasn’t added new papers since 2020) or LibGen might not be aware of the Nexus project or struggle to find working Telegram bots for Nexus, Scihub or Library Genesis. The Nexus project encompasses everything available in those sources and, more importantly, can access the majority of recent papers that were previously unavailable.

It is a new project, but it works well, and I highly recommend it. It is the largest library ever with a fast search engine, Z-Library + LibGen + 128 million scientific papers (400 000 in IPFS) + 2 million media files.

Almost all of the requests flooding science paper platforms like and r/Scholar can be fulfilled through Nexus Search bots. I strongly encourage you to make the most of Nexus before seeking articles on request platforms. Nexus will give you nearly any recent article for free within a minute of pasting the DOI (in the format: 10.1234/journal.123456).

How to use Nexus Search:

There are two methods to access articles through Nexus:

1. Using the Nexus Search Telegram bots – This is my main recommendation as it provides real-time institutional access (possibly not yet uploaded to persistent storage on the website). You can find Telegram Bot names on their Twitter account or at Examples are @libgen_scihub_100_bot and @nexus_search_3_bot.

For your reference, their Telegram channel for discussion and news can be found at If the Nexus Search Telagram bots temporarily stop responding or return an error saying “trying to revive,” in most cases, they will start working again in 5-10 minutes. Try again later.

2. The STC website. If you enter a DOI and see a globe emoji, it means the article is available for download. The website might not work smoothly in Firefox, but it performs well in Google Chrome. The first-time loading of the website may take a minute or so. The STC website can be found at https://standard–template– Yes, the address really looks like that.

If a full book is not available with the book DOI on the bot, then try the DOI of each chapter on the bot. This allows you to download books that were otherwise unavailable, and you can later combine the chapters.

nexus search project telegram
The Nexus Search Project on the Telegram Bot.

Request a paper at

If you cannot access a paper through Nexus bots or STC, I recommend making a request on The AI bot on the that website can typically retrieve the paper for you and notify you within 5 minutes. You can request two papers a day with a daily limit of 20 points.”

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