About Us.

gupiaoq.com is the offcial online help guide for everything Sci-Hub. As Sci-Hub as an organization offers very few help resources for new users, we decided to fill this information gap, by researching and publishing a number of help articles and guides about how to use Sci-Hub, JSTOR and any other online library for scientific journals and articles.

We have now also included help guides on the main Sci-Hub alternatives, such as JSTOR, Library Genesis, Wosonhj and Researchgate.


Please remember, that we are not affiliated with or owned by the Sci-Hub platform or any of their associated mirror proxy websites. We are a help blog with informational guides only. Be aware, that many Sci-Hub copycat and ‘fake’ websites exist.

gupiaoq.com does not provide any copyrighted material from our servers. All logos and trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Never respond to any emails for donations from any unofficial Sci-Hub website. See the list of Official Sci-Hub websites here.

For more information, see our Contact Us page

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